About us

Nord Terminals includes several transit terminals in the Baltic Sea region. We offer the complex service of handling and storage of oil products and liquefied gases. At Nord Terminals we handle oil and all petroleum products, from fuel oil to petrochemicals and liquefied gas. Our priority is to provide our clients a sustainable, safe, and environmentally friendly logistics service.

We grow together with our client

Nord Terminals operate tank farms of approx. 1 million cubic meters in total, this enables the handling of up to 15 million tonnes of petroleum products per year.
The company’s information systems provide the client a secure and transparent access, as well as control over the movement, quantity, and quality of their goods. Our business practice has been to develop our business processes and technical capabilities along the growing needs of our clients.

We have good energy

We attach great importance to social responsibility, a good living environment, and cooperation with the local community. Nord Terminals invests in programs that enrich the life of the communities around our terminal locations. Our focus is on the natural environment, the education of young people, and the preservation of local cultural heritage.

Clean energy

Environmental protection and terminal safety are our highest priorities. The laws of the Republic of Estonia/Finland and the strict environmental protection standards of the European Union have been stringently followed in the design and construction of all our terminals.
We use the most modern and environmentally friendly technologies in our work and are innovating our operations hand in hand with modern technology – Clean Energy for a cleaner environment.